Wolff Tanning Bed Troubleshooting

USA and Canada in the Top of Indoor Tanning Products - In United States of America and Canada, indoor tanning products are very usual. Moreover, the indoor tanning businesses have appreciably grown in ...

Q:How do the beds and booths work?
A:Tanning beds and booths basically imitate the sun. The sun emits three kinds of UV rays (the ones that make you tan). UV-C has the shortest wavelength of the three, and is also the most harmful. The sun emits UV-C light, but then it's absorbed by the ozone layer and pollution. Tanning lamps filter out this type of UV light. UV-B, the middle wavelength, starts the tanning process, but overexposure can cause sunburn. UV-A has the longest wavelength, and it completes the tanning process. Tanning lamps use the best ratio of UV-B and UV-A light to provide optimal tanning results, with a lowered risk of overexposure.

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