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How To Establish A Base Tan Without Getting Burned - Lets face it. A nice tan makes you look and feel great. Plus, it can hide ugly cellulite and also make you appear thinner! If you are going on ...

Q:If I never can get a tan outside because I burn, can I get a tan indoors?
A:If it takes you a while to get a tan outside, it may be easier for you to get the color you want (brown instead of red) by tanning indoors. You would need to start with a short exposure time, and increase it very gradually. However, if you NEVER tan from the sun, you will not tan from tanning lamps, since they emit the very same tanning rays as the sun does.

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Sun Beds by Wolff Systems, the industry leader in indoor tanning. Perfect Sun 24D. Introducing the Exclusive Wolff® "Total Body Tanning System" Perfect Sun® Wolff® System 24P '09. 28738-01. 27519-01 Perfect Sun® 24D '08. 28716-01.

24-res-06. Perfect Sun® 26T '08. 28717-01. 26-turbo-06 System 24D. With 24 super-efficient Wolff tanning lamps and a SolarMax IFT Sharkline, Baquacil, Swimline, Zodiac, W

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