Tanning Beds And Mineral Oil

Top 4 Sunless Tanning Methods - Tanning products, both sunless and sun, go to work on the epidermis, or the outside layer of your skin, and not the dermis or inner layer. How...

Q:What should I wear?
A:It's totally up to you. (But long pants and sweaters aren't recommended for good results!) Some people choose to tan in their bathing suits or underwear, and others prefer a more "natural" approach. Since you are in a private room while tanning, you can wear whatever you like. The only thing required is that you do wear eye protection every time you tan, because eyes are unable to protect themselves from UV light, even when they are closed, and the light can cause temporary and permanent damage to them. Many different eye protection options are available at all tanning facilities. If you are tanning a previously unexposed part of your body, be sure to cover it up for part of your tanning time, so it can catch up safely with the rest of your tan.
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ingredients such as mineral oil (also called baby oil) will damage the surface of the acrylics. TanningBeds.org - Q and A for bed owners free dry lotion, absorbs quickly and helps you achieve a dramatic, deep tan of Proven bed friendly. Contains no mineral oil. Non-greasy. If you have fair skin burn easily, tanning beds are not for you. oil can clog pores prevents your tan from lasting longer.


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